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    Just installed latest Gargoyle on a WRT1900ACS Linksys. Install happened without issues. GUI is accessible and appears to be pulling an IP via DHCP from the ADSL modem/router. It is also handing out DHCP IPs to client on the network. However, I can't hit internet names from the browser. If I ping the IP it works but not the name. NSLOOKUP indicates is the DNS server (which is the gargoyle box). No matter what I do clients get fed as the DNS server. I would expect this to work and gargoyle to pass the DNS request onto the modem which then passes it to the ISP. Even so, I thought fine, it's not working, I'll force all clients to just use but can't find anywhere in the GUI to set this. Do I have to use shell to configure this further? It seems like a straightforward setup so not sure what I'm missing. Any assistance would be immensely appreciated.

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